Maureen Considine’s ‘Traces’ (video 2006) showing at Blaue Stunde, Koln (November2014)

The “blue hour ” (Blaue Stunde) describes the twilight time between sunset and the dark of night. This deep blue mood pervades an evening of videos exploring the interplay between the regions above and below the surface, the place where the individual pieces of the whole are rejoined.

Video art forms the main focus of ‘Blaue Stunde’, and from the realm of the virtual it returns to a framework based in reality. Together with fine art, music and readings, ‘Blaue Stunde’ creates a shared experience for the audience.

In recent years, the Blue Hour has grown from modest beginnings into a multi-faceted project, and will grow even stronger in the future. The video art, which is at the focus of the Blue Hour, is embedded in a real context, and designed with music, readings and visual arts as part of a shared experience for the audience. Therefore also the selected location plays an important role as an event space.



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