Socially Engaged Art

Public Housing/ Private Homes Series 2009


Allocated Garden Spaces, 2009

bigfish Big Fish, 2009

wastelandWasteland, 2009


 For Michelle, 2009

infill home

Infill Home, 2009


The Backs, 2009

designatedplayareaDesignated Play Area, 2009

ratrunRat Run (2), 2009

busPublic Face, 2009

ratrun2Rat Run, 2009

MA Dissertation: The Politics of Public Art Commissioned for Social Housing Regeneration Programmes in Ireland


Exclusive New Developments, Installation, 2007

Mixed Media: Wood, marsipan, icing sugar, sweets, sprinkles

313581_180921588664915_90648109_n 381952_180921465331594_1438142921_n 385322_180921535331587_1450326837_n


Exhibited at Death and Desire, Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Co.Cork

Maureen Considine, Traces, video, 2006



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