Activism/ Feminism

August 2014               Review – Distant Relations: Portraiture and Genre Painting in 19th Century Cork

Cork Feminista Work: September 2012 – October 2013

Online moderator/ editor

November 2013 

Article: Child Beauty Pageants in Ireland

28th October 2013 | Cork Opera House


Candlelight Vigil in remembrance of Savita Halappanavar. A vigil in remembrance of the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar

7th September 2013 | The Other Place

Online Activism Training Day – delivered by Maureen Considine

31st August 2013 | Sharman Crawford Street

Supported a Survivor led protest

Cork Feminista Supported the Magdalene Survivors at a protest outside Sisters of Mercy Convent which called on the four religious orders to pay into the compensation fund for survivors

11th August 2013| Patrick Street Cork

Solidarity with survivor led protest

Magdalene Laundry Survivors banner signing demo; compel the four religious orders to pay into the governments’ compensation fund for survivors. The Four orders that ran the Magdalene Laundries have refused to pay into the compensation fund for survivors of their regime. We stand with the survivors in demanding that the orders pay compensation to their victims.

8th June 2013| Sundays Well    


A field trip to the Spirituality Centre Sundays Well to research about the Magdalene Laundries.

May 2013

Article: Opinion: Magdalene Suffering

21st May 2013| The Other Place  – Meeting: What does Justice mean for Magdalene Survivors  


What does justice mean for the Magdalene Laundry survivors? Speakers Dr Sandra McAvoy and Claire McGettrick (committee of Justice for Magdalene). Chaired by Maureen Considine

Feburary 14th 2013 |CIT Crawford College of Art and Design


Screening of “Until the Violence Stops” documentary followed by a RISING dancing party St Aloysius, Secondary School, Sharman Crawford, St Cork. Organised by Maureen Considine, Helen Bohan and Catherine Dunne

November 2012 | Quay Co-op Meeting Room


Advocacy & Activism Training. An intensive 4 hr training session for anyone interested in running campaigns/becoming an advocate. This training is based on increasing your skill set and as such is not issue specific. This will be an introductory training and so is aimed at those who don’t have a huge amount of experience already. Sessions will cover what is advocacy, how to run a campaign, how to work with the media, public speaking and how to lobby politicians. Our aim is to have external trainers where possible for each session.

23th October 2012 | Crawford College of Art and Design


Documentary Screening: Marina Abramovic, Artist is Present
A Cork Feminista event, hosted by Maureen Considine 

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